What is an Essay?

Any type of essay should give a clear respond to the main question by developing a solid argument that is supported with a clear evidence. An essay is a paper written from a student's personal viewpoint. Recently, five-paragraph essays has become an inevitable part of college and university education. Academic essays test your skills to gather and analyze reliable content and your ability to present all ideas in a logical way.

Types of Essays:

  • Narrative Essays
  • Persuasive Essays
  • Compare and contrast essays
  • Argumentative essays
  • Descriptive essays
  • Expository essays
  • Analytical essays
  • Interpretive essays
  • Cause and effect essays

How to Write an Essay? Writing an Introduction
As soon as you were assigned to write your essay, begin researching and analyzing your subject.
The most crucial part of your paper is the introduction where you present your audience how well you have researched the topic, organized main ideas and how well you write. To produce a powerful introduction, you will have to take notes, research and outline important issues.

Collect information that is relevant to your subject. Do some initial research that will help you to determine what you you will be writing about and what viewpoints you will support. Choose only that theme that will be interesting and useful for you. Once the topic is indicated, you may start writing your introduction. Keep in mind that the beginning of an essay should have a stated thesis that expresses your position. To attract the interest of your audience you may present some kind of paradox that is related to your theme.
Writing the Body Paragraphs
The body function is to develop an argument that was given in the beginning of your essay. The first sentence of essay paragraph should have the main idea. Keep your paragraphs within 6-7 sentences. Do not clutter your sentences with unnecessary phrases and words. Avoid using slang. Provide a logical flow of ideas within essay paragraphs.
Do not forget that the main part of your paper do the real work, as it supports, develops and provides the main points of view. End your body paragraph with a closing sentence.
Writing The Conclusion
It is strictly forbidden to introduce new thoughts and ideas in your summary. All you have to do is to sum up everything that was written in your paper and restate a thesis statement. Try to leave your audience with a positive final feedback.
Knowing how to write an essay, will help those students that have low writing skills and feel lack of time.